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Curriculum Vitae

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2009 – 2014
Ph.D. Physics, University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Bhuvnesh Jain, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Thesis: Weak Lensing and Modified Gravity of Cosmic Structure
2005 – 2009
B.S. Physics (Honors), Purdue University
Summa Cum Laude

Research Experience

2014 – 2017
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Pennsylvania
2010 – 2014
Research Assistant
Advisor: Bhuvnesh Jain
University of Pennsylvania
2007 – 2009
Research Assistant
Advisor: Ian Shipsey
Purdue University
Summer 2008
Research Experience for Undergraduates
Advisor: Jose Lazo-Flores
CERN (run by University of Michigan)
Summer 2007
Research Experience for Undergraduates
Advisor: Mark Messier
Indiana University

Invited Talks and Sessions Coordinated

May 2016
Coordinated session at Dark Energy Survey SLAC meeting
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing Tests and Projects”
Oct 2015
Coordinated session at Dark Energy Survey Madrid meeting
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing Projects in Year 1 Data”
July 2015
Invited talk at Kavli IPMU, Chiba, Japan
“Halo Ellipticity with Weak Lensing”
Dec 2014
Invited talk at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
“Lensing Measurements of SDSS Voids”
Oct 2014
UC Berkeley Cosmology Seminar, Berkeley, CA
“Lensing Measurements of SDSS Voids and Filaments”
Oct 2014
Coordinated session at Dark Energy Survey Sussex meeting
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing in Science Verification Data”
Aug 2014
Invited talk at Cosmic Voids in the Next Generation of Galaxy Surveys, Columbus, OH
“Weak Lensing Mass Profiles of SDSS Voids”
Apr 2014
Invited talk at American Physical Society meeting, Savannah, GA
“Weak Lensing with Dark Energy Survey”
Oct 2013
Coordinated session at Dark Energy Survey Barcelona meeting
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing in Science Verification Data”
May 2013
Coordinated session at Dark Energy Survey Lensing plus Structure meeting, Fermilab
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing in Simulations”
April 2013
Coordinated session at Dark Energy Survey Lawrence Berkeley National Lab meeting
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing in Early Cluster Data”
Dec 2012
Coordinated two sessions at Dark Energy Survey Texas A&M meeting
“Topics in Galaxy-galaxy Lensing” and
“Combined Probes: Lensing plus Structure”

Other Talks and Posters

July 2016
Diving into the Dark: Briding Cosmology Theory and Observation
Conference at Cairns, Australia
“Lensing Measurements of Halo Ellipticity and Voids in SDSS”
July 2013
Durham University: Ripples in the Cosmos
“Voids in Modified Gravity: Excursion Set Predictions”
May 2012
Dark Energy Survey Munich meeting
“Galaxy-galaxy Lensing: DES Forecasts and Baryon Systematics”
Apr 2012
East Coast Gravity Meeting
“Halo Scale Predictions of Symmetron and Chameleon Gravity”
July 2008
CERN Summer Student presentations, Meyrin, Switzerland
“Displays for the CMS Beam Conditions and Radiation Monitoring System”
Mar 2008
Purdue Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium
“Image Distortions Due to Variations in Camera Flatness for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope”
Nov 2007
Argonne Undergraduate Research Symposium
“Transfer Matrix Method for Using the NOvA Surface Detector to Measure the Neutrino Spectrum at MINOS”
Mar 2007
Purdue Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium
“Testing the Compact Muon Solenoid Forward Pixel Detector”

Service and Awards

2015 – 2017
Referee for journals ApJ, MNRAS, and JCAP
2013 – 2016
Coordinated Dark Energy Survey galaxy-galaxy lensing subgroup
Aug 2014
Public outreach on cosmic voids at COSI, Columbus, OH
2012 – 2013
Zaccheus Daniel Foundation for Astronomical Science Fellowship
2011 – 2012
Organized University of Pennsylvania weekly Astrophysics Journal Club
College of Science Dean’s Award, Purdue Undergrad Poster Symposium

Teaching Experience

2013 – 2017
Mentored PhD and undergraduate physics students including
Yuedong Fang, Tae-Hyeon Shin, Charles Davis, and Andrew Neil
Guest lecturer, University of Pennsylvania
Introduction to Astrophysics II
2009 – 2010
Teaching Assistant, University of Pennsylvania
General Physics Lab: Mechanics, Heat, and Sound
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Purdue University
Matter and Interactions: Mechanics